Java Development Consultancy

We help our customers achieve their goals by providing resources on their projects or we realize their projects the agile way: each iteration we deliver value to our customers which can be tested. In this way we deliver what custumers really want, even when requirements change during the project. We make special effort to "being a partner" to our customers and are considered as such. provides following services:

Competence Center

As technology partner we can assist in implementing projects using Java (SE & EE) related technologies such as Spring, JPA/Hibernate, web frameworks (JSF, wicket, tapestry, GWT/Vaadin, ...) We continually strive to master the latest technologies and enable you in using these technologies through training and coaching.

We have experience in setting up and implementing training programs to convert a non experienced developer into a java web devoloper.

Cross Industry

The team at Foundation implemented projects across most business domains and sectors.